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Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) for short, founded in 1927 by the Japanese first isolated from Chinese gall bladders crystallization, determine its structure, 1937 are taken in the Japanese army in 1957, western medicine concluded that ursodeoxycholic acid in bear bile is one of the most effective ingredients.In our country, subject to drug pricing policy, oxygen consumption habits and approved by the state to bear bile acid indications range of factors such as restriction, ursodeoxycholic acid in the domestic price is very low, the market space is very narrow.At the same time, the market was ready to move overseas preparation plant, domestic ursodeoxycholic acid industry survival situation is embarrassing.

Obviously, the domestic ursodeoxycholic acid and its preparation industry is facing a price couldn't get on, the amount also put out of the dilemma.Under the condition of the preparation in the short term can't break through the bottleneck, bear to oxygen cholic acid API enterprises to select the export market.Last year, the country bears to oxygen production of bile acid is 50 tons, domestic consumption only 15 tons, all exported to foreign countries.

Currently on the domestic market to ursodeoxycholic acid demand less, so the price of exports may offer some, exports in about 2200 yuan/kg, now overseas mainstream market price is about $360 ~ $400 / kg.So imports from China to ursodeoxycholic acid, prices may be cheaper than overseas similar $50 - $100/kg.

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