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From the perspective of modern medicine, the main components of the bear bile is ursodeoxycholic acid to oxygen.It can be achieved through the industrial synthesis.This is obtained by synthetic drugs is not difficult, the cost is not too high.Although the patent medicine price is higher, but generics is cheap enough, the domestic enterprise production bears to oxygen cholic acid piece of the price of a bottle of less than 10 yuan.
To ursodeoxycholic acid recognised role mainly dissolved oxygen gallstones, this is about related to traditional medicine says "bravery".It can inhibit cholesterol in intestinal absorption, and reduce the cholesterol in the bile secretion, thereby reducing the saturation of the cholesterol in bile.A large proportion of and gallstones are formed because of supersaturated precipitation in the cholesterol in the bile, in turn, reduce the cholesterol in the bile concentration, precipitation of cholesterol can dissolve again, this is a bear to the principle of oxygen bile acid dissolves calculi.For patients with gallstones, be unwilling or unable to perform the surgery to ursodeoxycholic acid oxygen is a viable option.
In addition to this, the ursodeoxycholic acid to improve liver function also to have certain degree of role, which is used to treat various kinds of liver disease, such as primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, fatty liver disease and viral hepatitis.Although there is a clinical study shows that the improvement of some indicators, but there is no sufficient evidence to prove just how beneficial it.
For the above purpose, synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid can completely replace the ursodeoxycholic acid, and have more advantages than bear bile.The reason is very simple, bear bile is a mixture of complicated composition, not only contains the main ingredients, such as bile, bile pigment also contains bear the hepatic metabolism of waste discharge, which may contain harmful substances.More than that, is influenced by many factors, the content of the active ingredient in bear bile and fluctuation, the same amount of bear bile, cannot guarantee that contains the same active ingredients, so the curative effect is uncertain.Synthetics, by contrast, more than less impurity, effective component content, but also cheaper and more accessible.

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