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      British researchers have reported that they found ursodeoxycholic acid can treat arrhythmia to oxygen. Ursodeoxycholic acid to oxygen was originally found in bear bile, is many traditional Chinese medicine composition, but now is synthetic, so don't worry about it causes pain to the bear.
      British imperial college institutions such as the researchers in the new issue of the journal courage epidemiology, the report says, arrhythmia because there is a heart disease patients with cardiac muscle fibroblasts.Also have this kind of cells in the fetal heart now, but will disappear soon after birth.Control electrical signal to the cells of the heart rhythm, speed will slow down, to give the fetus and the risk of the cells in patients with arrhythmia.
      The researchers used mice heart related pathological model was set up, found that using the ursodeoxycholic acid can improve muscle oxygen fibroblasts ability of transmission signal, the transmission of ecg signal returned to normal, thereby helping to reduce the risk of arrhythmia.
      Leadership studies, said Julia gorele g for those patients with heart disease, arrhythmia often existing therapy effect is not ideal, this discovery provides a new treatment approach, then they will to conducting clinical research.

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