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Early recognition of the psychiatric symptoms of CTX is important because both the psychiatric and neurological symptoms respond to treatment with Chenodeoxycholic Acid. Psychiatric manifestations in the CTX are rare and non-specific, and often lead to significant diagnostic and treatment delay. Lee et al. reported three siblings with CTX with psychiatric disorders such as long-term depressed mood, irritability, insomnia and pessimistic thinking. However, the effective treatments for physical manifestations of CTX did not have an effect on the IQ tests of the patients, which is similar to our study.
Early detection and diagnosis of CTX is crucial, for early and long-term treatment of CTX with Chenodeoxycholic Acid (750mg/d) and it could improve neurological symptoms and even reverse the progression of CTX. The potential mechanisms maybe that CDCA given exogenously inhibits the bile acid synthesis by negative feed back and further prevents accumulation of cholestanol in tissues by normalizing cholestanol concentration. Unfortunately, we conjugate ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) therapy with symptomatic treatment to cure the patient because CDCA isn’t available in china. Fortunately, the CTX patient didn’t exacerbate in the follow-up with the above medication. We also revealed that early detection and intervention may correct the abnormal lipid metabolism and possibly arrest the progression of CTX.
For long-term tracking and monitoring of Chenodeoxycholic Acid industry, we analysis chenodeoxycholic acid industry demand, supply, operating characteristics, the ability to obtain a wide range of content, the industry chain and value chain, industry consolidation, market, business users and other multi-level data and information resources to provide depth market research reports chenodeoxycholic acid industry, professional research methods to help clients gain a deep understanding of chenodeoxycholic acid industry, to find the investment value and investment opportunities, avoid business risk, improve management and operational capabilities.

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