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The reaction systems were prepared by TEMPO, NaClO and NaBr. The effects of reaction time, temperature and pH value on the reaction ratio between the materials were investigated. The results showed that: chenodeoxycholic acid, sodium hypochlorite, bromide The optimum molar ratio of sodium is 1.0: 1.2: 0.1, the pH value of sodium hypochlorite is 9.2, the reaction time is controlled at 2h, the temperature is controlled at -5 ~ 0 ℃, the total yield is 66.0%, and it has the practical value.
Discussion geese. 1 complement receptor (CR1) gene and its regulatory mechanism in the formation of goose liver. Verify the expression of CR1 overfeeding 19d goose liver by fluorescent quantitative PCR, by in vitro cells (goose primary hepatocytes). Test: The effects of fatty liver-related factors (glucose, insulin, oleic acid and palmitic acid) on CR1 were investigated. The transcriptional regulators of CR1 gene were predicted and analyzed by drug treatment. The results showed that CR1 gene 19d expression was significantly higher in fatty liver; 25 mmol / L glucose and the concentration of each processing oleic acid (0.125,0.25 and 0.5 mmol / L) may result in a significant increase in primary hepatocytes geese CR1 expression levels , The expression of CR1 did not significantly affect the expression level of CR1, while 0.5 mmol / L palmitic acid inhibited the expression of CR1 in primary liver cells. Sequence analysis showed that the upstream sequence of goose CR1 contained hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 after HNF1) binding site, and the process goose primary hepatocytes using active modulators HNF1 (chenodeoxycholic acid), the expression of the CR1 gene goose significant upregulation. in summary, the present study confirms the CR1 gene in goose liver forming process to levels significantly up, and initial exploration of its possible regulatory mechanism, lay the foundation for further study of the role and mechanism of the complement system in the form of goose liver.

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