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The current dissolving stone treatment of drugs are mainly chenodeoxycholic acid and its derivatives ursodeoxycholic acid. Treatment of indications: ① cholecyst stone diameter of 2cm or less; ② gallstones for calcium less X-ray through the stones; ③ cystic duct patency, that is, oral gallbladder film can show functional gallbladder; ④ the patient's liver normal function; ⑤ no obvious history of chronic diarrhea. The therapeutic dose was 15 mg / g daily for 6 to 24 months. The effective rate of dissolved stones is generally 30 to 70%. During the treatment period every six months for B ultrasound or oral gallbladder angiography 1 times to understand the dissolution of stones. Because of this kind of stone solution of the drug value is expensive, and there are certain side effects and toxicity, and must be a lifetime medication, such as withdrawal 3 months after bile cholesterol will again become supersaturated state, stones will recur, according to statistics, the recurrence rate of 3 years up to 25%, the current stone treatment there is a certain limit. In addition, some new drugs, such as Rowachol, metronidazole (metronidazole) also has a certain amount of stone solution. Phenobarbital combined with chenodeoxycholic acid can often increase the stone effect. 1985, more people reported the application of percutaneous transhepatic puncture gall bladder injection of octanoic acid glycerol or methyl tert-butyl ether, directly in the gallbladder stone, to obtain a certain effect. 
Dissolving stone therapy (oral bile acid and other drugs to dissolve stone): the formation of gallstones is the main mechanism of bile physical and chemical changes in the composition of the bile acid pool and cholesterol concentration increased. Experiments show that after oral administration of chenodeoxycholic acid, the bile acid pool will be able to expand the liver secretion of cholesterol, which can make cholesterol gallbladder into an unsaturated state, cholesterol gallstones may be dissolved disappear. 1972 Danjinger first application of chenodeoxycholic acid successfully 4 cases of gallstones dissolved in the dissolution of cholesterol. But the drug on the liver have a certain toxicity, such as alanine aminotransferase increased, and can stimulate the colon caused by diarrhea.

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