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The addition of bile acids, a serum, liver and gallbladder can increase the concentration of chenodeoxycholic acid, bile to increase the hydrophilicity and cytotoxicity decreased; two by stimulating liver and gallbladder transport, to promote hydrophobic bile acids and other ingredients By the bile exclusion; third is to protect the liver cell membrane and intracellular mitochondrial membrane from high concentrations of hydrophobic cholic acid damage at the same time, play anti-apoptotic effect. Bile acid protection of liver cells, gallbladder angle significantly alleviate the mycotoxin organ damage, biochemical indicators, histological manifestations and clinical symptoms are better reflected.
Bile acid in the mycotoxin liver injury process has a positive control significance. Bile acids are the main constituents of bile organic solutes. Liver synthesis secretion of bile acid, the gallbladder in the short storage, into the small intestine, in the intestinal reabsorption, the portal vein back to the liver, constitute the liver and gut circulation, together composed of cholic acid pool. And mycotoxin caused by bile duct or bile duct epithelial damage, a direct impact on bile acid liver and gut circulation, leading to increased serum bile acid, bile thicker, into the small intestine bile flow reduction, bile flow block, the occurrence of cholestasis. Any liver cell secretion dysfunction can lead to intrahepatic bile acid retention, and then cause cell damage, and then cause inflammation and fibrosis, the process was chronic progress, and ultimately the development of cirrhosis.
Mycotoxin poisoning, due to the invasion of the liver, kidney and other functional organs and immune system inhibition, almost no good way to cure, which is suffering from fatty liver, liver cirrhosis treatment is the same reason. So, since the mycotoxins can not be eradicated at the source, the core solution of this problem should be to reduce the burden on the organ and repair its function.

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