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Selective oxidation of oxidized products of different sites of chenodeoxycholic acid. Method: The use of silver carbonate as the oxidant to obtain the product of oxidation of the hydroxyl group at the 3-position; the use of N-bromosuccinamide as the oxidant to obtain the 7-hydroxyl group oxidation product; using Jones reagent as the oxidant to get 3 and 7 hydroxyl oxidation of the product. Results: The selective oxidation method provided by this process is lower, the yield is higher, the post-treatment is more convenient and suitable for industrial production. Conclusion: The method chosen in this paper has the advantages of mild condition, simple operation, low cost, high yield and suitable for large industrial production.
Steroids are widely used in the treatment of various diseases due to their specific physiological activity. In this paper, we used chenodeoxycholic acid as raw material, oxidized its 3,7-position hydroxyl group by Jones reagent, and then reacted with different aromatic heterocyclic ammonia to further reduce the carbonyl group. Six new steroids with different structural characteristics were synthesized. The compounds were characterized by IR, NMR and HRMS. (SGC-7901) and hepatocarcinoma cells (Bel-7404) were used to test the growth and proliferation of tumor cells in vitro. The results showed that the 3,7-dihydroxy chenodeoxycholic acid aromatic heterocyclic amide derivatives have significant inhibitory activity on the tested tumor cell lines.

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