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The concentration of free calcium in bile has an important effect on the formation of gallstones. Although the total calcium concentration is high, the formation of gallstones can be reduced if the concentration of free calcium ions can be reduced. Bile in the bile salt, etc. have to reduce the role of free calcium ions.With oral deoxycholic acid and trial ursodeoxycholic acid treatment of stone disease, it was studied after oral administration of human body function, it was from the animal experiments show that when the dose of chenodeoxycholic acid is larger, will have increased stones. We have studied the effects of bile salts and calcium, which are intended to provide some basis for clinical screening of drugs.
Cholelithiasis is a common disease that affects human health. Nearly 10 years of lipid and bile acid metabolism and physical chemistry of the basic research results to gallstones with gallstones with the possibility of drug treatment and prevention. Chenodeoxycholic acid by experimental and clinical evidence of the efficacy of gallstones. Human gallstones according to its composition can be divided into bile pigment stone, cholesterol and inorganic salt stone and several. Mixed bile pigment stone is mainly bilirubin calcium, more common in Southeast Asia, Japan and China's coastal areas, and more caused by cholangitis, with traditional Chinese medicine row of stone soup effect is high, but easy to relapse. Cholesterol in the northwest of China is more common, Europe and the United States accounted for 80% of all gallstones, often caused by acute or chronic cholecystitis, with traditional Chinese medicine row of stone soup and no effect of cholecystectomy is better.

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