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To investigate the expression and localization of farnesol X receptor in the kidney of rats with hypertriglyceridemia (TG) and to explore the mechanism of lipid nephrotoxicity. Methods: 48 rats were divided into control group, high fructose group and chenodeoxycholic acid group. FPG, blood lipid and 24 h urinary albumin (UMA) were measured. The content of TG in rat renal cortex was detected by immunohistochemistry (FCM). The expression and location of the receptor was observed and the pathological changes of the kidney were observed. Electron microscopic observation of renal basement membrane changes. Results: Compared with the control group, the levels of TG and LDL in the high fructose group were significantly increased, the UMA increased at 24 h, the level of TG in the renal tissue was significantly increased, the pathological changes of the kidney increased, the basement membrane thickened. The expression of farnesyl X receptor was significantly decreased (P <0.05), and the above indexes were significantly improved in the chenodeoxycholic acid group (P <0.05). Conclusion: The expression of farnesol X receptor is down-regulated in renal tissue of hyperglycemia rats, which leads to the increase of renal lipid synthesis, which leads to renal injury. Chenodeoxycholic acid can up-regulate farnesyl X receptor and reduce renal injury.

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