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Chenodeoxycholic acid 3,7-position derivatives in the field of molecular recognition is mainly the application of various types of molecular clamp. Has been designed and synthesized three types of chenodeoxycholic acid molecular clamp: (A) molecular acid methyl ester recognition of the molecular clamp: which also includes 3α-OH and 7α-OH modified molecular clamp ( 31a-e), this symmetric molecular clamp has a better recognition of D-amino acid methyl ester; 3α-OH bridged with different aromatic compounds, and 7α-OH remain variable to obtain new asymmetric molecules Clamp (32a ~ h), this molecular clamp on the L-type amino acid methyl ester has a better recognition. (B) Chenodeoxycholic acid molecular clamps with recognition of organic small molecules: Shi Zhichuan and other chenodeoxycholic acid methyl ester as the isolation group, 3α, 7α position through the ester bond to p-nitrobenzoyl chloride, Nitro group is reduced to amino group, and amino group is reacted with various aromatic aldehydes to synthesize Schiff base type deoxycholic acid molecular clamp (33a ~ h). (C) Chenodeoxycholic acid molecular clamps with cationic identification: chenodeoxycholic acid as a spacer, bridged to give 3,7-diazoacetoxy chenodeoxycholic acid methyl ester click on the chemical method to synthesize the target molecular clamp artificial receptors (34a ~ h). This type of clamp receptor has better selectivity for mercury ions.
Thiourea compounds play an important role in biomedicine. Shi Zhichuan et al. prepared asymmetric chenodeoxycholic acid thiourea derivatives with neutral alumina as the medium under the condition of microwave irradiation without solvent.
Huang Yanmin, in the 3-position and 7-position of the chenodeoxycholic acid steroid nucleus, the introduction of oxime, methoximime, benzyloxime and different substituents of thiosemicarbazides and other nitrogen-containing groups, synthesis of a series nitrogenous derivatives.

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