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Chenodeoxycholic acid is a biochemical substance present in animal bile. The chemical name is 3α, 7α-dihydroxy-5β-cholinic acid, the molecular formula is C24H40O4 and the molecular weight is 392.56, which is a white needle-acidic compounds. It is reported that chenodeoxycholic acid can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol on the liver, the bile cholesterol and cholic acid ratio is appropriate, with a strong role in gallbladder, which is mainly used in clinical treatment of gallstones, especially for cholesterol gallbladder stones have a good dissolution. In this study, a process study was developed for the separation, extraction and purification of chenodeoxycholic acid from common animal bile. In this study, saponification, acidification, extraction and other biochemical techniques from the common animal bile separation and purification of pure deoxycholic acid, by thin layer chromatography analysis of its purity were 70% and 80%. Based on the research of several kinds of traditional technology, the extraction process of chenodeoxycholic acid was optimized and improved. The method of ultrafiltration was used to replace the traditional impurity removal process (extraction, bile salt precipitation, etc.). Saving a large number of organic solvents, but also can effectively remove the macromolecules of protein and other substances; through several important factors of bile saponification orthogonal test, simplify the extraction process, improve the purity of the product to determine the best saponification technology parameters. The purity of the product was determined by HPLC chromatographic analysis, and the purity of the product was reduced by 90.32%, but because of the time relation, the purity of the product was determined by HPLC chromatographic analysis. Ion exchange resin separation and purification of chenodeoxycholic acid extraction rate has not yet been finalized, this study will be the other groups of the test group to continue in-depth exploration.

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