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Grindeks is one of the leading ursodeoxycholic acid manufacturer in the Baltic regionThe company has four subsidiaries in Russia, Latvia and Estonia and has representatives in ten other countries.Its key areas of operations are research and development, manufacturing and marketing of APIs, original products and generics,Special focus in ursodeoxycholic acid manufacturer.

Grindeks produces 16 different APIs produced through multistage synthesis, and about 100 final dosage formulations. The main areas of activity are anti-cancer, heart and cardiovascular and CNS medication.The products are exported to about 50 countries including the Baltic States, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Australia and Japan.

As one of largest ursodeoxycholic acid manufacturer, this project is part of the Grindeks' vertical integration strategy to develop and manufacture the APIs independently, and produce and market the finished products. The company aims to develop the final dosage form of UDCA and release it in the market by 2014.

The output from the UDCA unit will be supplied to Marenis Pharma, a German pharmaceutical company.Grindeks made the initial pilot series delivery of UDCA production to Marenis Pharma in January 2008. A multistage, long-term supply agreement was signed between the two companies in 2009 after the quality assessment was found to be positive.The UDCA facility will help Grindeks to maintain a continuous supply to Marenis Pharma.The company will supply about 30t of UDCA ingredients to Marenis Pharma in 2011. Grindeks expects to win 15% of the UDCA global market of 400t by 2014.

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