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Hyeoxycholic acid (HDCA) has the function of lowering blood fat, antispasmodic, expectorant and so on, which is an important component of artificial taurine; Treatment of high blood disease, bronchitis and liver and gallbladder disease caused by indigestion, on the pertussis bacteria, diphtheria bacillus, staphylococcus aureus also inhibit the role. HDCA is mainly extracted from porcine bile, and its extraction process is divided into saponification (hyodeoxycholic acid is hydrolyzed by strong base) and refined (decolorization, dehydration, concentration, drying); in addition to HDCA, there are a considerable amount of other bile acids such as chenodeoxycholic acid.
The purity of HDCA was determined by recrystallization from acetic acid and water as well as ethanol and water. The purity was improved significantly. This method is simple to implement and suitable for industrial production. The impurities in HDCA and hyodeoxycholic acid were isolated by column chromatography. The impurity was determined by spectroscopy and literature.

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