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Chenodeoxycholic acid is present in poultry and livestock bile, and for the sake of preservation and transportation, bile suppliers often saponify bile into bile. For the extraction of chenodeoxycholic acid in bile cream, traditionally, China has used alcohol method, the use of activated carbon heating decolorization, with several times the amount of ethanol extraction 3 to 5 times, the filtrate distillation, that was pale yellow crude. After the researchers' eyes turned to other organic reagents, which used more of chloroform. Liu Yanhong and so on to duck bile cream as raw material, the use of chloroform and ethanol volume ratio is 2: 1 mixture heated to reflux, cooling liquid separation, steaming organic phase, solid acetonitrile recrystallization method to extract ghenodeoxycholic acid pure. The organic solvent extraction process is relatively simple, the use of a large number of organic solvents, expensive and easy to cause environmental pollution and other issues, if the use of organic solvent recycling technology, can significantly reduce costs and better achieve industrial production.
Precipitation method used the principle of salt deoxycholic acid salt to form barium and calcium salt-based. Li Peifeng et al. have used the method of barium salt precipitation and ethyl acetate crystallization to extract high purity chenodeoxycholic acid from a large number of abandoned chicken bile for clinical and pharmacological test. This method can be a higher purity of the chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA), but barium salt is toxic, harmful to humans, it is not suitable for the production of CDCA. In order to overcome the shortcomings of barium salt in the traditional process, Gao Yuqiong and other water to replace a large number of organic solvents, calcium chloride to replace the traditional process of barium chloride, chenodeoxycholic acid separation and purification. Pan Xianjun and other calcium salt from the pig bile cream waste separation and purification of CDCA, purity of 80%. However, many steps in this process will increase the production cycle and cost, reduce product yield, still need to make the appropriate improvements to better adapt to the actual production.

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