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As a drug contained in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, chenodeoxycholic acid is widely used. The effect of the two extraction methods was compared by using goose instead of porcine gallium as raw material, using calcium salt method and barium salt method to extract CDCA in goose bile. The results showed that the yield of CDCA was 2.21%, the purity of the product was 77.4%, the yield of CDCA was 2.02% and the purity of the product was 66.2%. The results showed that the two methods were better than barium salt method in terms of reagent utilization and side effects of product reduction.
The invention discloses a method for extracting chenodeoxycholic acid by carbon dioxide supercritical extraction method, first adjusting the pH to 3 to 4 by saponification of bile and dilute hydrochloric acid to obtain a black paste; removing the black paste from the fat and decolorizing With dilute hydrochloric acid to adjust the pH of 3 to 4 and then filter, the residue drying, baking acid crude, crushed into carbon dioxide supercritical extraction kettle, into the entrained acetone carbon dioxide gas, carbon dioxide gas acetone mole content of 1.5 % ~ 2.5%, in the 27 ~ 29MPa, 58 ~ 62 ℃ under the conditions of stirring extraction 0.5 ~ 1h, and then cooling to normal temperature and pressure, collecting precipitates, refined with chloroform crystals, get chenodeoxycholic acid boutique. The invention combines the carbon dioxide supercritical extraction technology, simplifies the extraction step, can use the bile preparation of> 98% of the chenodeoxycholic acid boutique, and chenodeoxycholic acid boutique yield increased to about 2.5%.

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