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Background & Aims: The 7α-dehydroxylation of primary bile acids (BAs), chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) and cholic acid (CA) into the secondary BAs, lithocholic (LCA) and deoxycholic acid (DCA), is a key function of the gut microbiota. We aimed at studying the linkage between fecal BAs and gut microbiota in cirrhosis since this could help understand cirrhosis progression.
Chenodeoxycholic Acid was positively correlated with Enterobacteriaceae (r = 0.57, p <0.008) while Ruminococcaceae were positively correlated with DCA (r = 0.4, p <0.05). A positive correlation between Ruminococcaceae and DCA/CA (r = 0.82, p <0.012) and Blautia with LCA/CDCA (r = 0.61, p <0.03) was also seen. Prospective study: post-rifaximin, six early cirrhotics had reduction in Veillonellaceae and in secondary/primary BA ratios. Cross-sectional: 47 cirrhotics (24 advanced) and 14 controls were included. In feces, advanced cirrhotics had the lowest total, secondary, secondary/primary BA ratios, and the highest primary BAs compared to early cirrhotics and controls. Secondary fecal BAs were detectable in all controls but in a significantly lower proportion of cirrhotics (p <0.002). Serum primary BAs were higher in advanced cirrhotics compared to the rest. Cirrhotics, compared to controls, had a higher Enterobacteriaceae (potentially pathogenic) but lower Lachonospiraceae, Ruminococcaceae and Blautia (7α-dehydroxylating bacteria) abundance.
Barium oxide as a precipitating agent acidification, saponification and recrystallization extracted from pig chenodeoxycholic acid bile. The method is simple, low cost. Get 6.8% CDCA from the total bile acid. Simultaneously extract three kinds of bile acids extracted from scraps of bilirubin. Methods: mixed pig bile acids formed crude methyl ester sulfuric acid catalyst, the use of the adduct of methyl benzene pig deoxycholate form benzene-insoluble nature of its separated, with acetic anhydride remaining in all bile methyl acetate is converted to a hydroxyl group, the use of pig triacetate acetate in n-hexane low solubility properties.

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