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Determination of crude chenodeoxycholic acid(CDCA):
Accurately weighed chenodeoxycholic acid 12.5mg, add 60% acetic acid solution amount, stir, into the 25mL volumetric flask, the residue and then 60% acetic acid solution, all moved into the volumetric flask and diluted to 25mL, the precise amount of solution 1mL, placed 1 mL of furfural solution was added to the tube, and the mixture was placed in an ice bath for 5 min, and the mixture was heated in a water bath at 70 °C for 10 min. Bath for 2min, remove the corresponding reagent for the blank, UV spectrophotometer measured at the wavelength of 380nm absorbance, according to the absorbance calculated in the sample chenodeoxycholic acid content.
Effect of reaction temperature on chenodeoxycholic acid purity:
Accurately weighed 5 copies of 10g bile powder plus 50mL distilled water, adjusted to pH 10.5 with 15% NaOH, 10% CaCl2 addition, set the reaction temperature of 35,40,45,50,55 ℃ 5 levels, the reaction time 1h, and then according to the experimental program for washing, adjusting the pH and drying treatment. The content of chenodeoxycholic acid in the bile was measured and the relationship between the bath temperature and the CDCA purity was plotted based on the obtained data.
The purity of CDCA was significantly increased with the reaction temperature. When the temperature was 45 ℃, the purity of chenodeoxycholic acid was the highest. This is due to the temperature below 45 ℃, the reaction is not complete; temperature higher than 45 ℃ may be too active molecular movement, not easy to form calcium cholic acid, so choose 40,45,50 ℃ for the best chenodeoxycholic acid extraction temperature reflex.

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