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Chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA), also known as 3α, 7α-dihydroxy-5β-cholinic acid, is a biochemical substance in animal bile.
Chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) is colorless needle crystal, odorless, bitter, almost insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in chloroform, clinically used mainly for the treatment of gallstones, especially for cholesterol gallstones are very good dissolution, but also has a significant asthma, anti-inflammatory, antitussive and expectorant effect. In this study, bilirubin and cholic acid were used as raw materials, and CaCl2 was used as precipitant to study the extraction process of chenodeoxycholic acid.
Precision measure chenodeoxycholic acid 12.5mg, placed in a 25mL volumetric flask, add 60% acetic acid volume, shake, the precise amount of 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0mL were set with plug test tube, with 60% acetic acid, solution diluted 1.0mL, add 1% furfural solution 1mL, in the ice bath for 5min, add sulfuric acid solution [V (H2SO4): V (H2O) = 50:65] 13mL, mixed, heated in 70 ℃ water bath for 10min, then ice bath for 2min, draw a standard plot based on the absorbance value.

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