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Cholyglycine (CG) is one of the secondary bile acids with bile acid and glycine binding. In the liver cells, cholesterol is transformed into primary bile acid through extremely complex enzymatic reaction. Among them are cholic acid (CA) and chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA). CG normal metabolic pathway for the intestinal - liver cycle, CG synthesis by the liver cells, the capillary bile duct, bile duct into the gallbladder, along with bile into the duodenum, to help food digestion. 95% of cholic acid in the ileum at the end of reabsorption, the portal vein back to the liver, by liver cells and re-use. In the serum mainly in the form of protein binding, the total amount of overflow into the body circulation is less than 1%. Under normal circumstances, the content of bile acids in peripheral blood is very small, normal adult regardless of fasting or after meals, the serum CG concentration stable at low levels.
When the liver cells are damaged, liver cell uptake of CG capacity decreased, resulting in increased blood CG content; bile stagnation, liver excretion of cholic acid disorder, and reflux blood circulation CG content increased, but also increased blood CG content. Therefore, the determination of serum glycocholic acid (CG) is to evaluate the function of liver cells and liver and gallbladder material circulation function of one of the sensitive indicators.

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