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Chenodeoxycholic acid is a natural primary bile acid, is one of the main organic ingredients in chicken, duck and goose and other poultry bile, with sterilization, anti-inflammatory and dissolved gallstones and other effects, is not only the clinical treatment of cholesterol stones one of the drugs, but also the synthesis of clinical treatment of gallstones disease the largest amount of drugs ursodeoxycholic acid raw materials. The application value of chenodeoxycholic acid in medicine has led to the gradual improvement of its preparation method. In recent years, more and more studies on the production of chenodeoxycholic acid derivatives, related research also extends to biomedical, molecular recognition and functional materials and other fields, especially in the field of biomedical, chenodeoxycholic acid derivatives show a broad application prospects. In this paper, the synthesis, characterization and application of chenodeoxycholic acid, the synthesis and chemical modification of chenodeoxycholic acid, and the development prospect of chenodeoxycholic acid derivatives were reviewed.
Chenodeoxycholicacid (CDCA), i.e., 3α, 7α-dihydroxy-5β-cholinic acid. chenodeoxycholic acid is a natural primary bile acid, is a rigid steroid ring and a fat side chain of 24 carbon atoms constitute the steroid compound, the steroidal nucleus of the A ring and B ring to cis thick together form a cavity, the molecules of the 3 and 7 have a α hydroxyl on the concave surface, and the carboxyl side of the side chain together to form a hydrophilic α surface, and 3 methyl point to the other side, the formation of hydrophobic of the β surface, with fat /water parental characteristics. chenodeoxycholic acid in human, animal, poultry bile is widespread, chicken, duck and goose and other poultry bile in the main organic ingredients. Since Thistle and Schoenfield have found that chenodeoxycholic acid can cure gallstones, the use of medicine has always been taken seriously. Since the 1970s, chenodeoxycholic acid is clinically used primarily for the treatment of gallstones and other hepatobiliary diseases. chenodeoxycholic acid also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and immune regulation and other pharmacological effects on asthma, osteoarthritis, tendon yellow tumor disease, and insulin tolerance have a certain effect, therefore, on the application of the scope is also expanding. The application of chenodeoxycholic acid in medicine has led to the gradual improvement of its preparation method. Now from the animal, poultry bile extract and chemical synthesis of the way to obtain chenodeoxycholic acid are very mature. In addition, the researchers synthesized a large number of chenodeoxycholic acid derivatives, these derivatives with antibacterial, anti-parasite, anti-tumor and cough and other effects, and selected from a variety of pharmaceutical properties of derivatives. Some derivatives can also be used in scanning imaging techniques to improve cancer detection sensitivity.

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