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Supercritical extraction:
Supercritical extraction technology as a clean, efficient and selective new separation method has been widely used in the extraction of bile acid separation. Scalia and other beef bile as raw material, in the supercritical CO2 by adding methanol, not only can increase the solubility of bile acids, but also can remove cholesterol, fatty acids and other impurities, the recovery rate is 82.7%, available bile acid, deoxycholic acid,chenodeoxycholic acid and other products, reducing the use of organic solvents, reducing production costs, and a high degree of automation, has been widely used in industrial production, the effect was significantly higher than the traditional extraction method.
Resin method:
Cao Xuejun and other macroporous resin adsorption chromatography separation and purification from the duck bile chenodeoxycholic acid, the bile saponification into calcium salt, precipitation of sodium carbonate by sodium carbonate, free chenodeoxycholic acid, through the macroporous Resin HZ-802 was purified to give a purity of 99% chenodeoxycholic acid. The law is environmentally friendly and has been successfully used for industrial production. There are also patents reported pig bile after saponification, with the ester solvent extraction, the exchange of ion exchange resin adsorption, with sodium hydroxide as a desorption fluid, get high purity chenodeoxycholic acid. In addition, the separation method of ultrafiltration, high performance liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis provides a reliable guarantee for the accurate and efficient extraction of chenodeoxycholic acid.

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