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Bile medicine can promote bile secretion and discharge, mechanical washing bile duct, help out of the bile duct-like stones and gallstones after the residual stones. Gallbladder drugs in the phenyl alcohol, hydroxymethylene coumarin, chenodeoxycholic acid can cause excessive secretion of bile and diarrhea. Therefore, taking the gall bladder during the time should try to drink plenty of water to avoid excessive diarrhea caused by dehydration.
The main components of bovine bile are cholic acid, taurocholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid, bovine deoxycholic acid, water soluble baitol sodium sulfate, hydrocyanic acid, histamine and so on. In the 1990s, Japanese scholars isolated a substance 5α-carp from the carp bile, confirming that the substance was toxic. It is now believed that the cortisol sulfate, represented by sodium acetate, is the main toxic component of bile. In addition, bile in the histamine, hydrocyanic acid, cholic acid, etc. will cause damage to human tissue.
Animal experiments and clinical evidence, fish bile poisoning can lead to liver and kidney and other organ damage, causing liver degeneration, necrosis and renal tubular damage, confluence tube obstruction, glomerular filtration decreased, urinary excretion blocked, in the short term that lead to Liver, renal failure, severe multiple organ failure occurs.

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